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NINJA MAN hits the studio just days out of jail

Jamaican dancehall artist NINJA MAN is back in the studio just days after being released on bail following a three-year spell behind bars on a murder charge.

According to Urban Islandz the singer said the following outside jail:

“First thing mi ago do right now is mi ago look fi mi kids dem a crep town and then mi ago sort out mi thing them, then mi ago get to whatever mi need fi get to after the three years mi no inna di country. All the unnecessary killings, the police dem, all the crime and violence… all these things mi ago get to like yesterday.”

The Caribbean website claimed that “sources inside Ninja Man’s camp” said the deejay is back in the studio working on two new singles.

One of the singles is expected to address his legal troubles and several rumours that were circulating while he was in jail.

The singer, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, and his son Janiel Ballentine received a JM$2 million (£14,174) bail last week.

Both were arrested in March 2009 and charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm in connection to the shooting death of Ricardo “Ricky Trooper” Johnson.