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CHESTER SYNMOIE - reggae producer passes away

Jamaican music producer and manager CHESTER SYNMOIE has died of heart failure at an airport in Brazil.

According to the Jamaica Observer, Synmoie was accompanying KING STITT on a series of engagements in country when he complained of stomach pains.

Local reports reveal that the touring party was at the airport after a show last week when Synmoie was found lying on the floor in the airport toilet. 

Early dancehall pioneer LONE RANGER, for whom Synmoie produced back in 1979, said: "My first hit Barbabas Collins was produced by Chester (Synmoie) on he and his brother Leon's label Thrill Seekers. It was distributed by GG (Records label), and everybody feel sey a GG put out Barnabas Collins, but a nuh GG put out nutten. A Chester tune and Leon"

"Remember sey him carry me to Coxsone and the Barnabas Collins album came out...when weh deh a Coxsone we have other hits like Love Bump. Him (Chester) carry me to Channel One where mi have nuff hits again, M16 and Fist to Fist, you understand," said LONE RANGER.

He worked with a number of artists on his own Chester Record label and Thrill Seekers label, including YELLOWMAN, BOBBY BROWN and WILTON IRIE.

Synmoie died five days short of his 53rd birthday.